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1in CORBIN 18060

Product Code:18060-1
Type:Paint Tools & Supplies
Sub Type:Brushes
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Red Gold Brushes combine the best elements of solid round tapered nylon and polyester filaments for interior and exterior painting. Can application in oil and latex paints, inside and outside, winter-spring-summer-or fall.

Corbin Catalog No. 18060
Hand-formed chisel. Unlacquered hardwood beavertail handle. Stainless steel ferrule.

- Nylon in the top edge for durability
- Polyester in the bottom for stiffness retention and extra flex
- Deep flagg tips created in-house to resemble those of natural China bristles for super smooth paint finishing
- Hand-formed chisel provides extra sharp, accurate cutting-in and preserves the smooth flagg tips.

Available in: 

SizeThickTrim Length
1"7/16"2 3/16"
1 1/2"1/2"2 7/16"
2"9/16"2 11/16"
2 1/2"5/8"2 15/16"
3"11/16"3 3/16"
3 1/2"11/16"3 7/16"

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